“My work begins with a feeling… social freedom, thoughts, unity, and motion coming together to create a unique form” - artist Garfield Gillis says, and his creation of picturesque canvases, mixed media artwork, sculpture and graphite takes many routes. A keen observer of the world around him, Garfield turns his observation into studies of what is hidden beneath the surface. In Garfield Gillis’ painting, there is a dense network of lines, form, shape, and colour found in its nature and used to give a variety of interpretation. Whether he is working with oil, acrylic, stone, graphite, wood, or any given material, his work reflects a distinct view of the natural world.

Born and raised in Guyana (South America), a place which he credited with being the root of his creative processes. Garfield often talks of being influenced by his dad who was a very unique wood carver and who, like many of his generation, works for the love of it, in addition, he drew inspiration from pioneer artists such as Phillip Moore and Stanley Greaves. He began exploring art at an early age, drawing, sculpting with handmade tools, and painting with house paint. In 1996 he completed a four year visual art study at the E.R. Burrowes School of Art (Guyana) and later graduated from the University of Guyana. Today he lives in Bradford (Ontario, Canada), where he works as a stone carver.

Special thanks:
Josefe Valz, Carl Anderson, Errol Brewstes, Stephen Mackenzie, Desmond Alli, Bernadette Persaud, Stanley Greaves, the late Emerson Samuel, Maylene Duncan, and Phillip Moore. You are among the many who have deeply impacted my development. Your guidance and encouragement​ throughout the years will always be remembered.